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Mediations are time-consuming and laborious. As an attorney, I found myself wanting shorter time slots for simple cases.

What makes us different?

A modern approach to dispute resolutions

  • Simple cases, simple mediations. I believe the length of time spent mediating should be proportionate to the complexity of the case. You shouldn’t have to waste a full day on a case that can be mediated in 2 hours or less. That’s why I offer “Mini-Mediations” for simple cases.  
  • Virtual format. The pandemic has forced our industry into the 21st century, and I embrace this shift rather than just tolerating it. By mediating via Zoom, you can attend via the comfort of your own home or office and be more efficient at getting other work done during downtime.

What We Do

Personal injury

I have mediated over 100 cases with great success.  In most jurisdictions, the court will require parties to mediate a case before their trial, and for a good reason: most cases settle. Not every case settles, and some need to be tried before a jury.  But mediation has produced quicker, cheaper, and fairer results than jury trials in many instances.  I aspire to be seen by both the plaintiff’s bar and the defense bar as someone who, based on his personal experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, can speak effectively to and with the parties about their case and helps parties find fair results that each would prefer over a trial.

Family law

I have completed Texas’s required training on family mediation, including the required family violence requirements.  I happily mediate family cases, including divorces that may include asset and debt allocation, conservatorship, parenting time, and support issues, in addition to other freestanding parent-child relationship matters.  Based on the complexity of most family cases, family mediations are generally required to be full-day mediations. If both parties are in agreement that a full day may not be required, I will work with you to book an appropriate amount of time.”

construction matters

A large portion of the courts’ dockets is construction-related matters, including contract disputes between contractors and owners, mechanics liens, and lingering warranty claims.  Nick has experience representing numerous builders and homeowners. For some reason, I believe mediation is underutilized in construction matters, with many cases too often being filed and litigated with great expense only to reach a resolution at mediation that may have been likely even presuit.  These cases are particularly painful to see litigated because while the case is in the court’s hands, issues with the house linger and can be made worse simply by the passing of time.  




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